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The Top Nightclubs in Soho for 2012

London is a melting pot for ethnicities, excitement and nightclubs. People flock from around the world to enjoy the tours and exciting history has to offer but in 2012 there a new leader is born and the top nightclubs in soho are proving to be enough of an attraction to visitors as Big Ben! Whether you have been involved in the London party scene as part of the industry or if you are visiting london with a stag party you will find the SOHO district to be the most accommodating to anyone seeking a night out under the LED lights and fast tempo social environment this explosive party district... Read On

The Best Nightclubs in London for 2012

Whether you are visiting or a local to London knowing the best nightclubs in London to party at will save yourself a night of frustation and savings. Dance clubs open and close their doors yearly some permanently but mostly to rebrand and recreate their identity. The best nightclubs in London can be categorized by many different mediums including type of music (House Vs. Hip/Hop), Decor (Industrial or Plush), location and proximity to other nightlife and most importantly the clientele and members inside. The Best Nightclubs in London for 2012 are nothing short of spectualr. Each venue attempts to out do the other some with cirque du soleil performers others... Read On

London Membership Clubs

LONDON MEMBERSHIP CLUBS London has always held a rich tradition of being exclusive with a queen and monarch still intact so has been the ideal concept of being a VIP. Over the years Nightclubs and various entertainment institutions have exploited the term but membership clubs in London enforce the strict code of pretentious behaviors adored by all. There are numerous types of memberships available ranging from athletic, horse, polo and golf we focus on providing you the information on all the exclusive nightlife memberships available for Nightclubs in London. WHAT ARE NIGHTCLUB MEMBERSHIPS Purchasing bottle services or paying the bouncer won’t land you an admission ticket into London’s hottest... Read On

LondonVIPs.co.uk…..Coming Soon!

The long awaited premiere VIP Service in London is set to open its doors in the coming months. LondonVIPs will bring leading edge ideas and concepts concentrated on Nightlife, Lifestyle and Promotions. By combining all the elements of ‘Sociability’ into a fixed priced package Stag Parties, VIP’s and visitors to London can now enjoy a high powered nightlife environment without the hefty price tag. INSIDE LONDONVIPS.CO.UK There are a number of reasons LondonVIPs uniquely separates itself from the competition. No other provider has the breath of services we offer in house including (Nightclub Promotions, Personal VIP Hosting, PUA Training, Modeling & Wing Women). The opportunities are endless for those... Read On