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London has always held a rich tradition of being exclusive with a queen and monarch still intact so has been the ideal concept of being a VIP. Over the years Nightclubs and various entertainment institutions have exploited the term but membership clubs in London enforce the strict code of pretentious behaviors adored by all.

There are numerous types of memberships available ranging from athletic, horse, polo and golf we focus on providing you the information on all the exclusive nightlife memberships available for Nightclubs in London.


Purchasing bottle services or paying the bouncer won’t land you an admission ticket into London’s hottest clubs and bars. Memberships are sold to individuals who seek a VIP Experience and the ability to mingle with other socialites of relatively the same social status. Memberships for London Nightclubs grant a person access to the the clubs special events and entry any night the venue is open for service. An added service is the ability to guestlist friends and family whom you would like to attend an evening out with you.


Both ladies and gents will need to be invited to a members guestlist to gain for admission privleges. Venues like Cirque du soir, Kings Club, Whiskey Mist and Boujis are not only some of the top nightclubs in London rather they can be the most difficult to get into. LondonVIPs offers Guestlist privileges to exclusive London Nightclub venues listed below. In addition, Memberships for these nightclubs in London can be purchased through invitation only or directly through the club.