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London Bodyguards for Hire
Roll through town with private chartered transportation, an entourage and a huge London bodyguard to protect everyone from the masses. Body Guarding has become a popular commodity for club goers and socialites looking to popularize their assists and yet protect them at the same time. Our London Bodyguards for hire are focused on delivering protective services to VIP’s and Group Parties that are out in public areas or transitioning between business meetings.

Depending on the type of Body Guard you select the varying types of protective services are drastic. Armed, Un-armed, Military Trained, etc. are skills you can look to hire when in London to assist you. A recent trend has been to bring in your own London Bodyguard for hire to the nightclub and have him protect your table service area so no scoundrels poach your bottles or your women for that matter!


Having a big guy around will definitely draw attention and couple that with a table full of cool sociable clientele and you have the formula for an exciting night out. Our London VIP Bodyguards are well versed in Nightlife etiquette and make for a picture perfect statuesque appearance when standing on the peripheral of your VIP Table. The VIP Bodyguards Services are available for no less than 4 hours for weeks on end and are encouraged for VIP Clientele visiting London or Stag Parties or Celebrities looking for an angle in London Nightlife.

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