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PUA Training London
The art of pickup is a skill that has only recently been mastered by a few. Our leading nightclub promoters and VIP Hosts are certified PUA Coaches that can assist you in facilitating a night out on the town or be a wingman to assist you in meeting girls at the clubs. Our London PUA Training is a core component of our business model and we can incorporate a weekend or week of training for you onsite while partying and having a great time at the London bars and clubs.

The Training course in London are taught by a Master Pickup Artist who’s work is littered all over YouTube and has been identified as one of the world’s best pickup instructors. Classes are available for 1 on 1 training, Group Training as well as optional items to add to your stag party to help give guys an edge when partying in the clubs. If you are serious about changing your life or simply want to be the center of attention hiring our PUA coaches will give you the necessary edge you desire either for a night out or for the rest of your life. Please, therefore, read on below.

If, however, PUA Training isn’t for you then check out our London Wingwomen who are knowledgeable in creating a social atmosphere amongst you and the desired ladies you are after in the nightclub.


Make no mistake this is a serious business and the coaches we have on staff to deliver PUA Training in London have been professional pickup-artists for over a decade. Learn the skills and master the art that will make you the social titan with your friends and more importantly the ladies no matter where you are visiting.

The London PUA Training program is customized to your needs and done in advance of your arrival. A Coach will contact you to cover identifiable sticking points and areas of improvement to enhance your game as quickly as possible. This consultation allows for the optimal training schedule that best fits your needs. Our experienced PUA coaches are fluent in all the pickup techniques including Day-Game, Nightclub Game, Persuasive Speaking, Humor Gambits, Cold Reading, Fractioning and high Energy Social Environment Game.

To inquire about booking PUA Training in London, either contact us directly or go to our sister company BecksterSeduction.com


Live with a master pickup artist and eat, sleep and breathe pickup. Living with a PUA Coach will enable you to absorb all the techniques and mannerisms at a rate you are comfortable with. Trouble shoot your game in real-time as we will provide you with the best lines to incorporate the basic skills and foundations to evolve into a certified pickup artist in the shortest amount of time. Residentials in London are available and include room and board as well as endless PUA Training. Often considered Advanced PUA Training in London, the residential program is notably the quickest way to improve your pickup skills in the shortest time possible.

To inquire about booking PUA Residential Training in London, either contact us directly or go to our sister company BecksterSeduction.com


Strategically held a few times a year you can participate in our London PUA Boot-camps taught by our Master Pickup Artist Founder and Owner of LondonVIPs. Because of our nightclub affiliations and day game expertise you are assured endless hours of training. The London PUA Bootcamps last throughout the weekend and extended time can be purchased for infield training, 1 on 1 or assistance in delivering and creating your stack. Discounts are available for bootcamps purchased in advance and done as a group. Please refer to our London Nightlife Calendar for all the up to date information regarding PUA Bootcamps happening in London for 2012.

To inquire about booking PUA Bootcamp Training in London, either contact us directly or go to our sister company BecksterSeduction.com

Contact Us for PUA Training in London or go to our sister company BecksterSeduction.com

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