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London Club Hosts
The best way to ensure your night is a success is to hire our London VIP Hosts ideal for VIP’s and Stag Parties our hosts facilitate your entire evening and can even double as PUA Coaches in the field. Our staff of hosts includes Guys and Girls that have spent their lives int he Nightlife industry and are therefore always recognized and observed when out in a social setting.

The London Nightclubs Promoters we work with directly offer us Nightclub Guestlist privileges and the Best Prices Tables Reservations in London. London Club Promoters including the famed PUA Artist Robert Beck (aka Beckster) as teamed up with LondonVIPs as a lead executive VIP hosts so you know quality is something you can be assured of when booking VIP Services.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be the ‘MAN” or “WOMAN”? When you stare across the room at a club and notice one person is the center of a attention that is the work of a Social-able Person interactive with other people and their surroundings. That is what a London VIP Host provides they are facilitator of your evening keeping the mood upbeat and the energy high!

Our VIP Hosts in London have all the connections and the know how to get your party started and keep it lasting through out the night. We differ from London Nightclub VIP Hosts as we are independent and work with all the Best Nightclubs in London. Whether you are a visiting VIP or a Stag Party looking to set the nightclub ablaze hiring our Male or Female host will guarantee an evening of fun with less effort on your own behalf.


ROBERT BECK (aka. Beckster)

An established master pickup artist and nightclub promoter living in London. Robert is the managing partner of LondonVIP’s and is head of promotions and PUA Training services. A thought leader in the Pickup Industry Robert has coached and trained hundres of self placating men into achieving their social goals and sexual desires. Being a jack of all trades isn’t easy, his skills have come naturally by spending endless hours a clubs promoting events and bringing crowds of women through the doors.


A managing partner with LondonVIPS.co.uk, Mordechai is a nightlife marketing guru specializing in delivering nightclub promotions and business platforms to the nightlife industry. Originally starting as a VIP Host in Las Vegas, Mordechai has extended his boundaries internationally to service his high-end VIP Clientele locally and abroad. Currently, he spends his time in South America pursuing business ventures and personal hosting services to existing VIP clientele.

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