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The Best Nightclubs in London for 2012

Whether you are visiting or a local to London knowing the best nightclubs in London to party at will save yourself a night of frustation and savings. Dance clubs open and close their doors yearly some permanently but mostly to rebrand and recreate their identity.

The best nightclubs in London can be categorized by many different mediums including type of music (House Vs. Hip/Hop), Decor (Industrial or Plush), location and proximity to other nightlife and most importantly the clientele and members inside.

The Best Nightclubs in London for 2012 are nothing short of spectualr. Each venue attempts to out do the other some with cirque du soleil performers others with state of the art LED lighting and a handful with just a strong brand and loyall following any party can find a vibe suitable for themselves.

Although they may be different in decor and display all the best nightclubs have something in common the beautiful and energetic people which fill them. Plan on seeing celebrities, actors and sports starts at these venues as most of them have paid for pricey memberships and only look to share and exclusive clubbing experience with a select few.


The box
China White
Cirque Du Soir
Playboy Club & Whiskey Mint
King’s Club Chelsea
Bond Club
Mayfair Club